Mister Fred started private music lessons at age six at the Hoff-Barthelson Music School in Scarsdale, New York. While there he rapidly absorbed whatever his teachers showed him. At that time he was playing the recorder and composing melodies as he played. After watching Ricky Nelson play and sing he realized that he wanted to learn the guitar. At the age of eight Mister Fred started with his guitar studies where he was put in classes with much older students.

By age twelve the Beatles had become a strong influence on him. It was then that he formed his own band, singing and playing lead guitar. Later when he started bass lessons his teacher immediately agreed that "it might be your instrument". Mister Fred had always been a bass connoisseur having controlled the bass levels on his dad's stereo from an early age.

In 1983 he started playing classical music with the Cornell Symphony and jazz with the Cornell Jazz Ensemble backing up Joe Henderson and other guests of the group.

Mister Fred has been playing with the Bronx Symphony Orchestra since 2006 as well as the Harlem Renaissance Orchestra. He has also played with The Ladies Jazz of New York, Linda Presgrave, Bernie Williams, Libby Richmond, Jim Wacker & Collateral Damage, Steve Hollie, Ed Stout and Mala Waldron just to name a few.

Mister Fred has just released his debut CD "Golden Age". The songs vary in style, from a classic soul vibe to Big Band be-bop. From a haunting song that could fit on a Spaghetti Western soundtrack to a romantic ballad that will tug at the heart. The CD was reviewed by producer and songwriter for Rhianna Carl Sturken, a friend of Mister Fred's producer Andy Bassford. He was to critique the CD and all he could say was "I love your CD!"