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I been to places traveled many miles
And I been tired and hungry
Once I was feeling half dead I didn't have no bed
I didn't have a dime
So I      asked this woman if she'd help me 'for I died

When all I wanted was a place to sleep
She gave me so much love
She made me weep for joy Lawd!
I felt like such a man
Whatever she would ask
I would have done it with a smile
I would have parted the Nile

For Betty I love your love
Betty come give me more of that sweet stuff
Betty you didn't have to be so good
But now that you have, I rather wish you would

Though I try hard to forget the things you do
I will never forget this feeling I have for you
I could try to hide myself away
But things remind me of you every day
Like every time I see a Green Impala I think of you

Though I've been in this same place before
I have never loved another more
But you won't give me your love in return
With you it seems I just get burned
And every time I see a Green Impala I think of you

I know I should try and live without you now
But for the life of me I don't know how
Each night you can see me walk the streets
My head hung low I'm feelin' really beat
Should a Green Impala pass by I'll think of you
I'll think of you

I thought loving you'd be such a thrill
Now I find it's just a bitter pill
Whose taste will always remain on my tongue
And make it hard for me to trust anyone
And if by chance they drive a Green Impala I'll be ruined
I said I'll be ruined

No matter where I go or what I do
Just that car brings back….. The memory of you
When I see that car I wanna cry
For all the things it makes me realize     CODA

Every time I see a Green Impala
Every time I see a Green Impala
Every time I see a Green Impala I think of you
I think of you
I think of you
I think of      you

Rosa I'm calling your name
Tell me it's not in vain
I'm a long ways from you
But my mind's quite attuned
To the vibes I feel coming from you

It's so late and you're probably asleep
In your dreams are you calling for me
For I hear your soft voice
And I've got no choice
But to head out on the road back to you

Sometimes      I get so lonely
Wanting you so bad
One week is all I need
To convince me I should never leave
To hell with the matters at hand

Rosa I'm trucking home to you
I must have been some kind of fool
To have stayed away so long
When my heart told me I was wrong
So be patient, girl, and I'll be there soon

Sometimes      I get so lonely
Wanting you so bad
One week is all I need
To convince me I should never leave
To hell with the matters at hand

Rosa I'm almost at your door
My feet, they seem glued to the floor
But I'm running fast as I can
'Cause I know you want your man
And this man wants his women even more

Yes this man wants his women even more
Even more     Even more

If there's something you want       And it seems out of reach
Don't give up on your dream       Find a mentor who'll teach
And show you the way       Starting today

When the going seems slow       It takes patience I know
Let your journey be bold       It will never grow old
See the face of your dream

If depression takes hold       You think life is unfair
Don't you go it alone       There are people who care
And they'll show you the way       Starting today

They are easy to find       They are of a like mind
Let them untie the binds       That have kept you behind
They're the face of your dream

I wouldn't tell you what I didn't know
I have a friend who has treated me so
I wouldn't be speaking these words today
But for the love sent my way

See the face of your dream       Recognize who you are
Then your dream will take flight       There's no limit how far
Come, I'll show you the way       Starting today

Just remember one thing       There's one thing you must bring
Others need you to sing       It's your love you must bring
Be the face of the dream

Now you have what you want       You have more than you need
Now it's your turn to give       Give and you shall receive
Blessings are on their way       Starting today

Now we know what to do       Show the world that it's true
That the love meant for you       Can make this world brand new

Be the face of the dream       Be the face of the dream

Be The Face of the Dream

I'm keeping time
I'm keeping time
Though I may slip and slide sometimes
I keep the time

I'm keeping watch
I'm standing guard
Nothing gets by me
I'm keeping watch

Sometimes it changes it's in the arrangement of time
Keeping the changes expressing the phases of life

I'm on my way
The beat, it tells me what to play
But I don't mind
I'm keeping time

I'm almost free
But not completely
I'm still inside
Doing time

And I can't escape
The metronome has won the race
But I feel fine
Keeping time

If I had wings,      Surely I would fly
I'd wing my way       To a tropic isle
I'd see life       With a bird's eye view
Looking down       On all of you

But I ain't got no wings
Cause I aint no bird
I'm just a man
For what it is worth

If I had money       Lord I'd spend it free
Buy a big fine house,       Live in luxury
I would drive       A brand new car
And I'd play me       A vintage guitar

But I ain't got no money
I never will
I'll never be the folks that live up on the hill

If I had a lover       We'd make love every day
Under the covers       We'd do it every way
Life would be       One great orgasm
For my lover and me
Aw, if I only had one

But I ain't got no lover
Not even a friend
So I just sit here by myself
And pretend

To See Yourself as Others See You
I wish you knew how I perceive you
I wish I knew what you really think of me

The thoughts that are the most intense
I find it hardest to express
The thoughts I want you most to understand

But who among us has the eyes       That are not blinded from inside
I wish I knew,       I wish I knew
Only God knows from the start       The quality of each one's heart
I wish I knew,       I wish I knew

I look around the world I'm in
Wondering where I fit in
I feel so out of place so many times

People think there's something strange
When I act myself….for a change!
It hurts them to see someone without his mask

But masks are what keeps us apart       They're how misunderstandings start
I swear it's true       I swear to you
I once had a mask of my own       But I couldn't face myself alone

So I withdrew       Till I met you

To See Yourself as Others See You
I wonder what those words they mean to you
Do you ever long to understand

Haven't you at some time tried
To read the thoughts are in my mind
To see if I'm for real or just jive

How can I prove it to you       You can follow everything I do
But you wouldn't know       If it was real or show
Trust me for a little while and I'll trust you for a mile
And further yet       You won't regret       To See Yourself as Others See You

I'm thinking to myself about you
And how it is like without you
Maybe I'll see you tomorrow
But tomorrow you can't cause it's Sunday

I'm searching and still haven't found you
I have every reason to doubt you
I'm going to see you someday
It's got to be soon this is no way

When you told me about your sorrow
I promised I'll give you tomorrow
I'll call you tomorrow morning
And we'll talk of the love we are forming

Well I finally got to see you
Show you just how I can please you
Kissing you ooh don't it feel right
But you send me home in the moonlight…and that ain't right

I'm thinking to myself about you
Thinking what we were about to
So think about what I am thinking
And put down that booze you are drinking
Hey hey Baby baby

I'm looking for someone in this world who's looking for me
Who's tired of being free       Freedom's often lonely
I'm seeking, I'm promised I will find
A woman with a need about her mind
A woman who will treat me so kind
My kind

I'm looking for someone in this world who's looking for me
Trying to force destiny       Wanting love desperately
And I wonder why all my friends are two
And all I am is feeling blue
All alone and all confused
Paying a heavy load of dues

I'm looking for someone in this world who's looking for me
Looking constantly       Crying silently
And I wonder what's taken me so long
Why in my life I've been so wrong
Been too weak or been too strong
Chased after love until it's gone

A golden age came just before us
Come on in, sing a chorus       Of the blues
The way they used to do       Before your time       Even before mine
A true golden age       Not like today

I've never seen things less together       Crazy people
Crazy weather       I'm not sure
I want to see much more       But what up the youth?       What is their truth?
Their golden age       Was just yesterday

Old man in a Chevrolet said       Things were better in his day
But he's forgotten two world wars, slavery, and so much more

Both Ellington and Socrates said "Things ain't what they used to be"
And I concur       I'm sure they never were
As good as they say       It blows me away
A new golden age       Started today

If I had just one wish,       and anything to pick
I would not       hesitate       to       choose

If I had just one day       for things to go my way
I wouldn't make a change       I'd choose to be With You

I took a chance       Put all my love down on you
Looks like it paid off big time       Hey I'm no fool

If I had     just     one     night     to indulge my appetite
I'd say Goodnight, sleep tight and wake up here
With You

I took a chance       Invested my heart with you
Now I get compound interest     from loving you

If on some crazy day       I heard a genie say
I'll give you fame,     and fortune too
I'd say No thanks my dear       Go find another ear
I've got it all right here       It's all right here With You

No I don't need a thing       'Cause I have everything I ever wanted
With You       I ever wanted,       With You

I tried to write a simple melody
To capture all the love you send to me
I tried to make it new
But all the notes were used
In other songs, in other words
I found it hard to choose

A simple corny diatonic line
Would seem to suit my purposes just fine
When all is said and done
You're the only one
Who needs to hear this little song of mine

I may not talk about it every day
But you are in my heart each time I play
You are my sacred muse
That I couldn't bear to lose
I would be silent, and confused
If you went away

Remind me to remind you more and more
That you're the one that I've been living for
And when my life is through
And I can't be with you
This melody with linger on and soothe
And when we both are gone
I know they'll play our song
A future world will celebrate our love